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Rambling...April 27, 2009

Every now and again, I get the time to sit down and write. Just...let the mental babble out on "paper" and debate whether I let other people read it or not. I think, fairly obviously, if this is being read then yes. I've decided to let people read it.

Saturday's Drag Show was a very interesting experience to say the least. It was awesome entertainment, and good times. Had a couple drinks, but stayed responsible, as in more than capable of driving. Took a very inebriated friend back to his house, and left him in the care of his roommates. And then I brought my little microcosm of a world back to my place where everyone either fell asleep, or passed out to varying degrees, and all was right with the world.

But what happened between the start of the evening, and the end of the evening is where it was the most interesting. See, for the last few months I've been trying to get some of my Straight Friends to come out to see one of these shows because I honestly think they'd have a blast. Some have expressed interest. Some have expressed curiosity. Some don't really get the point. All of which are valid responses, and ones I totally respect. But one of them finally decided to pull a Nike (the shoe brand, not the goddess) and "Just Do It." He came to the drag show with me and my friends, and had an absolute blast.

What's interesting though, is this was perhaps the first time the "Straight" world that I work, live and breathe in, came for a visit to the "Gay" world that I am only able to escape into every once and a while. And while I hate using labels like that so bluntly and obviously, it's the only way I can really express my thoughts. I hadn't realized it until recently, but these two sides to the world that we live in, remain pretty separate for the most part. But one brave soul kinda catapulted through the barrier and joined in on the Gay Side. Blessedly, he enjoyed his visit, got along with my friend Luke, oh how did Luke put it, "Like a House on Fire" or something like that. Anyway. Two total strangers got along like they'd known each other for years. All through the wonder (terror?) of knowing me, and me finally getting them both to come out with me for an evening's entertainments.

The real eye opening thing on this, is that it is an opposite to what most of us Gays or Lezzies deal with every day when we step out that front door. We bring a tiny pocket of the 'Mo World with us, but we are utterly and totally surrounded by a Hetero-Centric society. We've made great strides toward equality, don't get me wrong, but one look at the media, and you can still tell we have a ways to go. Anyway, my intrepid straight friend stepped into about the Gayest side of the world you can get, bringing just the tiniest pocket of Het World in with him. And through the glories of being open minded, and comfortable with himself, he joined in the fun, and had a great night out.

So, you lost yet? Bear with me. I hope I get to my point. If not, whatever. It's fun anyway. Like I said. Mental babble.

Anyway. I never really even realized what it is that I do when I walk out the door, until he walked into another one. I steal myself to the coming day, knowing full well that while I am lucky to be surrounded by people who respect who I am, I'm still moving amongst a world that doesn't understand what I am. But. I understand that world I move in, whether I like it or not. I stay true to myself, relax, let go, and just have a blast in it.

You can only make change in the world, by being the change you want to see. A paraphrase from Ghandi of course. So what change is it that I try to make in the world? Opened eyes, opened hearts, opened minds, and opened arms. I approach the world with a smile on my face, and the strength of will and character that could have only been molded with a gentle touch, and fire from passion, and heat that would rival any sun. I am held up by the pillars of my background, and I develop through every encounter with every person I meet and cross paths. I stand, whispering to the darkness, because a whisper can sometimes sound louder than a scream. And I do this, because there are people, like my friend, who are more than willing to meet me halfway, stand beside me, and try to illuminate the darkness.

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