Sunday, January 23, 2011


HI! Thanks for coming. More than anything I'm starting this as a bit of a challenge for myself. My goal is somewhat regular postings on things that cross my twisted little mind. I hope I can convey my thoughts in a cohesive manner, though sometimes I admit I greatly enjoy watching the thought process unravel and see exactly where the strings of consciousness lead me.

You'll likely recognize some of my early posts, as I will be transferring them from Facebook. I want my journal to all be in one handy location. I'll tidy them up, spelling, grammar etc. Not actually CHANGING anything in them. From here on, I'll probably either post simultaneously between the two, or put up some sort of notice on my Facebook page.

My hope is that eventually this will open a dialog, not just on this site, but in general. Or expose you to something a bit different.

I do hope you enjoy the ride and I look forward to you joining me on this endeavour.

Love to you all!


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