Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family and Friends...November 9, 2008

Interestingly enough, this thought came upon me during the Drag Show I was fortunate enough to go to on the 8th. Being so far away from my parents and sister, and my in laws, with only my husband down here with me, I got to thinking about what it means, getting older (growing up is, of course, optional) and the family that we surround ourselves with. And most of the time, these people start off as strangers, though some find their way into your heart, leaving you feeling more complete than you were before.

The interesting thing about this, is these people, and the dynamic you hold with never even knew you were missing them in the first place. It gives you the feeling like you're floating on air, and if nurtured correctly, is a feeling that you never have to let go of. It's a different kind of love you feel than what you have with your kin.

Growing up, I was very lucky. Never for a minute did I not know that I had at least one best friend I could always go to...always count on. That would of course be my sister. Always a constant support, even when we would fight, even when we were so mad at each other we were seeing red...we always had each other's backs.

And I miss that. I truly do. It's always nice having a personal cheering section, and being one for someone else.

So where does that leave me now. Southern Ontario, with my delightfully zany husband. And, my new family. People that I'd go to the wall for. That I care about as if they were my own family. And in a sense, they are. Eli, Ryan, Heather, TJ, Jamal. All the wonderful and wacky people that I've met, and only known for such a short period of time...They all give me a connection to things around this place that I never thought I'd have again, especially after some of the unpleasantness in Cold Lake. (Excluding the wonderful people I met there of course.)

I'm not a person who easily considers people my friend. Been burned on that a few times before, so I'm far more selective these days. But for those of you whom I do consider to be my friends, it is an honour and a priviledge to know you. You're beautiful. You're fabulous.

More to come

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